Review of Blood Celine Mini Luggage Red Shoes Box Of Secrets, the debut album from Brighton Blood Red Shoes, was solid enough, but here and there you felt like LauraMary Carter and Steven Ansell were chasing a zeitgeist, pulling dancepunk moves because it was the in thing rather than because they, y really felt it.

Not so with its followup, Fire Like This. Recorded on analogue equipment with minimal Celine Bags Outlet overdubs a nod, perhaps, to the working methods of Steve Albini, producer of Nirvana 1993 swansong In Utero, which Ansell has cited as a touchstone this is a raw, unfussy rock record that forsakes gloss or studio tricks for instinct and urgency.

The analogue recording, as it happens, does a lot for Blood Red Shoes. Twopiece bands can sometimes feel a bit skinny remember, they invented the bass guitar for a reason but the likes of Don Ask and It Is Happening Again see LauraMary guitar invested with a surprising heft. Technically, too, Steven has picked up some tricks, his drumming hardhitting Celine Phantom Bag but complex and creative enough to keep the songs hurtling along at a decent clip.

More surprisingly perhaps, for a record that trumpets its downtobrasstacks appeal, there is an impressive variety. Of course, there are anthems see Keeping It Close and the excellent Count Me Out, which Celine Nano Luggage Tote deploys quietloud dynamics like a fistful of tossed firecrackers. But there also Colours Fade, a Sonic Youthtinged squall of grizzly discord and cracked snare that sprawls out to an epic seven minutes. And special mention to LauraMary When We Wake, a beautifully sung reflection on mortality that forsakes big rock moves for quiet choruses and raw feeling.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Licence. If you choose to use this review on your site please link back to this page. Tracks 1 Don't Ask 2 Light It Up 3 It Is Happening Again 4 When We Wake 5 Keeping It Close 6 Count Celine Handbags Online Me Out 7 Heartsink 8 Follow the Lines 9 One More Empty Chair 10 Colours Fade Contributors Produced Celine Handbagsby Mike Crossey and Blood Red Shoes Design/illustration by LauraMary Carter Photography by LauraMary Carter and Steven Ansell Mastered by Robin Schmidt